Indonesia is the largest aconomy in ASEAN, and its exonomy has grown rapidly for ten conseecutive years.

  • In 2018, the total GDP was 1.04 trillion US dollars. The total GDP rank first in ASEAN
  • A large middle class group about 88 million people, it is expected to reach 140 million people by 2030.
  • Rapid GDP growth. Real GDP Growth of 5.17% in 2017-2018  
  • E7 (one of the world’s major emerging markets), it is expected that 2030 will become the sixth largest economy in the world.

Indonesia’s Fourth Most Populus Country

The total population is 264 million

Population structure younger the median age was 29.3 years.

The number of children under 14 is 65 million.

Newborn infant about 5.5 million people a year.

Indonesia’s per capita income and consumption expenditure are growing

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